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Guide to read football Odds analysis from experts

Odds in football (soccer) are the most basic concept that everyone should know when engaging in sports betting. You can participate in this form of betting with various formats. However, many people are still confused and don't know what Odds are. Let's explore what Odds are and top-notch Odds analysis techniques from experts with the soccer tips pro – Wintips!

What is Odds?

If you're a professional player on football betting websites, you must know exactly what Odds are. Odds, or also known as Odds ratio, refer to the ratio that each player receives when participating to win a bet in a specific match provided by bookmakers.

Analyzing Odds helps increase the winning ratio; however, bookmakers also rely on this to deceive players. Therefore, players need to understand how to analyze them to avoid being deceived by bookmakers and always win in every match.

Synthesis of easy ways to analyze Odds:

Here are some Odds analysis techniques shared by experts. Refer to them to increase your winning ratio when playing Odds.

Understanding the formula for calculating various types of Odds:

The common ratios that reputable bookmakers in Vietnam currently use are: European, Hong Kong, Malay, Indo, American…

European Odds Ratio (DECIMAL ODDS)

In terms of characteristics, it includes both the betting money and the player's winning money. European Odds format always has a value greater than 1.00 (>1.00).

Specific money calculation formula: Money received = Bet amount x European Odds

When losing the bet, you will lose the amount equal to the bet amount you placed.

Note: European Odds ratio is different from Asian Handicap ratio.

Hong Kong Odds Ratio (HK ODDS)

Hong Kong Odds are calculated based on European Odds, so the characteristics of this ratio are based on European Odds. The representation of the ratio only includes the player's winning money. Hong Kong Odds format has a value greater than 0.00 (>0.00).

Specific money calculation formula: Money received = Bet amount + (Bet amount x Hong Kong Odds)

When losing the bet, you will lose the amount equal to the bet amount you placed.

On the Malay Odds board, there are positive and negative numbers, making it easy to identify. The characteristic is shown through the representation of the ratio, including both the betting money and the player's winning money.

The calculation method also depends on positive and negative numbers. The specific formulas are as follows:

For positive Odds: Calculated similarly to Hong Kong Odds. When winning the bet: Money received = Bet amount + (Bet amount x Malay Odds). When losing the bet, you will lose the amount equal to the bet amount you placed.

For negative Odds: When winning the bet: Money received = |(Bet amount x Malay Odds)| + (Bet amount x 1.00). When losing the bet, you will lose the amount equal to the bet amount you placed.

Indo Odds (INDO ODDS)

With this ratio, the odds displayed on the bet sheet will show negative numbers and positive numbers with odds from 1.00 upwards. The Indonesian odds are derived from the Hong Kong odds. If the Hong Kong odds are greater than 1.00, then the Indo odds will be set the same as Hong Kong.

In case of positive Indo Odds: When winning the bet: Payout = Wager + (Wager x odds).

In case of negative Indo Odds: When winning the bet: Payout = Wager + (Wager / odds).


The US odds are also calculated based on the Hong Kong odds.

If Odds < 1.00, it will be calculated as: -1/Odds.

If Odds > 1.00, it will be calculated as: Wager x Odds.

Understand the bookmaker's odds and rules of play

Each bookmaker has its own rules and ways of playing, so be careful. Be cautious in prediction, calculate accurately according to the formula.

Refer to the information provided by bookmakers and other sources to update the latest and most accurate information. Refer to the calculation methods and formulas of experts like those formulas mentioned above. Consider the trend choices of the majority of players based on the latest odds provided by bookmakers for upcoming matches.

Participate in various football betting forums to improve observation skills and perspectives on matches. A quick way to analyze odds is if the tail ends with 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, or 9, then do not consider it as Odds. Especially if the tail is 0.5, it will be divided into 4 parts: 1 draw, ¾, ½, ¼, corresponding to odds of 0.25, 0.5,...

Experience in analyzing Odds for winning players

Matches are constantly changing tactics, and the experience of analyzing Odds is not simple. Hardcore experiences betting tips app download for experts to hold the winning hand.

Not being greedy when losing a bet is hardcore experience

When winning a match, players feel excited and bet without thinking because they think they are on a winning streak. Greedily betting more without thinking leads to falling into the bookmaker's trap and losing all the money. We tend to keep betting to recover the amount lost, but the more we bet, the more we lose. Remember, we bet to win; we don't bet to lose. You have to be patient and calculated, not greedy for quick and big wins.

Red and black are everyday matters

Players must know when to bet and when to abstain. It's like knowing when the door will open and when it will close. Not every day is a winning day. Patience and calculation for every step, don't rush to follow the crowd because it might be the bookmaker's trap.

Bookmakers always have the upper hand over players

Bookmakers have the most up-to-date information and updates, not the players. Bookmakers around the world usually have connections with each other. Usually, these bookmakers will follow a single group or a large system of many bookmakers. Therefore, carefully consider the information about the odds of bookmakers. The odds of bookmakers are not necessarily 100% winning.

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Football is an unpredictable playground, so predictions are still just predictions. Winning or losing depends on the experience of analyzing Odds, the level and form of football teams, as well as how players perceive and predict scores. Players must remain calm and not weigh too much on winning or losing in each betting match. This article has provided you with an understanding of what odds are and hardcore experiences in analyzing Odds derived from days and nights of losing sleep and money. We hope this article from the Wintips betting advice site helps you win big on every betting platform.

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